The Wealthiest Miner

It All started with an idea.

This has become a great journey for me and I look forward to meeting many readers of this book and those who want to be the wealthiest miner when they play "The Gold Rush Game".

My journey in the development of this book has been enormously rich and rewarding. Ive had a lot of fun in the late evenings going into my writing room and traveled throughout many parts of a virtual world searching for and writing these stories. Often in the morning I'd tell stories of my adventures to my family with my main focus being that of matters pertaining to Cornwall's record of history. It's a bit of a joke at my house when I say to the family "See ya later, I'm going to Cornwall.

Which Became a Game and Book

Jack grew up in the village town of Gwennap, in the County of Cornwall. His Family was in the tin and copper mining business during a time of great demand for these metals.

Jack was to complete his miners' apprenticeship the same day he turned 16, the age of majority in his day, He was now considered a Cornish man and in a weeks' time he would travel alone to Caradon Hills searching for new sources of tin and copper in in a tunnel he found a couple of years before. Jack hoped that the ancients may have been the creators of the tunnels and may have missed good rich ore and may possibly have left their tools or other artifacts behind.

In the tunnel that day, Jack found a Green Amethyst (Greenstone) that led him to meet his destiny. He then met new underworld friends. The Knocker Clan and The Sprites too (Tommy and Madeline). He found himself in an unfamiliar land. A place that only those with the gift of a visionary could enter. He learned that day of something more valuable than any of the metals or artifacts he sought, something that set his life a direction that would curve major events around the world over the next 250 years and still continues today.

Among many lessons he learned was the knowledge of how to locate tremendously large sources of Copper and Tin. He carried his good news back to the miners of Gwennap and under his direction the fellow miners dug in new directions deep in his Father's Poldice Mine #2 and soon reached an enormous void in the rock where the tin crystals were as big as horses. That day he was promoted to mine Captain

Jack soon found many more voids all around the underworld of Cornwall and for the next 70 years he continued mining with the same successes and became the number one supplier of metals for the industrial revolution. Shortly before Jacks death he and Tommy directed Jacks 8 best men and his Son John 4th to travel throughout the new worlds to seek their fortunes. All the while keeping his secrets of the greenstone to himself. By his death at the age of 88 he was the wealthiest miner of Cornwall and the wealthiest miner in history.

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