About Our Games

Originating in 1996 as a 8th grade math project for the daughter of Gold Rush Sam, "The Gold Rush Game" has now matured into a full working table top model ready for those who want to challenge their wit and resources to find the gold. It is the center piece of "The Gold Rush Project" that's now launching into the cyber realm.

The Gold Rush Table Top Game


Beginning as a prospector, each player starts with a pocket full of Sam Coins. After securing supplies and tools, each player ventures out into the world seeking their millions. Watch out for the hazards, collect the rewards and avoid the Bandits that will steal your gold. With great skill, a bit of luck from the Tommy Knockers, you may become the Wealthiest miner.

Available from our store in Early 2016

The Gold Rush Solitare


Reach into the clouds and play for real gold from the comfort of your computer. Watch your wealth build. The first real Gold Rush Game where you play and can mine real gold.

Coming Soon

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