More About Using Gold Rush Coins

The Gold Rush Coin is different than what you know and use in your everyday life. There are a few things to remember and understand before using Gold Rush Coins:

  • Just as in real life you need to keep your wallet secure.
  • Gold Rush Coin Price can be volatile
  • Gold Rush Coin Trust strives for low volatility with he the security of pure gold.
  • Gold Rush Coin payments are not reversed only refunded by the person receiving the coins.
  • Gold Rush Coins are not 100% anonymous. All transactions are stored publicly as part of the blockchain (much like a ledger in accounting).
  • The entire concept of crypto currencies are experimental.

First you need a wallet!

A wallet stores the information necessary to manage and transact your Gold Rush Coins. Wallets do more than just that; wallets store a digital record and your ownership of your Gold Rush Coins and allow you to use them as negotiable currency.

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